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alma 11-15-2005 08:33 AM

udev boot error
I'm running suse 10 and I have the following error message during boot:

<3>udev[2057]: run_program: open /dev/null failed
<3>udev[2057]: run_program: exec of program '/sbin/modprobe' failed

I need to configure some hardware which I failed to and I assume this has to do something with it. Any ideas what these error messages can be and a possible solution perhaps?


bulliver 11-18-2005 10:32 PM

I think with udev, /dev/null and /dev/console still need to be static...

# mknod -m 660 /dev/null c 1 3

alma 11-20-2005 10:28 PM

Typing it in, the message says the dev/null file already exists, so it must be something else...
Thanks anyway,

acker 11-27-2005 11:51 AM

I think you problem is that that /dev/null has permissions like: crw-rw----. It should be crw-rw-rw-.... I'm having problems with udev my self..

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