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kriogenic 02-11-2006 07:03 AM

ubuntu's media player...
ok well i was wondering wat medai player ubuntu uses and where i can cget some codecs for it cause i cant play ANY movie or music file untill i do so could some one please help me...

Flesym 02-11-2006 08:39 AM

To play videos, you may want to give 'mplayer' a try (the best player on earth), but if you like a nice GUI, then you should better go with 'totem'. I can recommend this two, although there are several other (good) players out there.
To install both type:

sudo apt-get install mplayer-nogui totem
Additionally install the essential codecs package from here:

For music files try xmms:

sudo apt-get install xmms

kriogenic 02-11-2006 06:48 PM

ok well i tried what you said and when i tried


sudo apt-get install mplayer-nogui totem
i got this error


kriogenic@Kriogenic:~$ sudo apt-get install mplayer-nogui totem
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree... Done
E: Couldn't find package mplayer-nogui

would apreciate the help

EDIT: i have totem on my ubuntu but how do get codecs for totem?

Flesym 02-12-2006 08:06 AM

Then you don't have certain repositories available for apt. Your current repositories are listed in the file '/etc/apt/sources.list'. Go to the following URL and replace those repositories with you current:
After doing so don't forget to update apt:

sudo apt-get update
Try everything again.

kriogenic 02-12-2006 10:40 PM

thanks it worked and all the packages ect are working now

kriogenic 02-14-2006 03:53 AM

ok the above statment = NOT TRUE

on dial up thought it was working said it would take a few hours to install come back later and i got damn errors so can some one running ubuntu please post what there server list thingy looks like with all the package url stuff in cause im getting frustrated
and i feel like going back to windows wich i dont wanna do so please help me get past this error pretty much all i want is a player that can play movie files

Agrouf 02-14-2006 04:05 AM

This is for ubuntu 5.04
which version of ubuntu are you running?

kriogenic 02-14-2006 12:56 PM

i am runnung ubuntu 5.04 and on dial up all those codecs ect could take a while to get

Agrouf 02-14-2006 01:00 PM

Do they have fast internet access in your neighborhood? Could you download the .deb packages from there and burn it on a cd?

kriogenic 02-14-2006 10:33 PM

yeah i could do that but id rather download them cause it MAY be quicker cept when i get that ANNOYING connection timed out error

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