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vl23 04-14-2010 04:26 PM

Ubuntu USB mouse problem.
I am using an acer laptop running Karmic with GNOME.
Suddenly my mouse stopped clicking on some of the icons- I could click on icons on the lower bar where all the minimized windows are, as well as on all the icons on the Desktop, but none of the windows responded or icons responded.
When I tried the touch-pad the same problem appeared again.
However after I unplugged the USB mouse everything was ok.
WTF is going on?

Sky.Crawler 04-14-2010 05:18 PM

This bug has been around for years.

The Report:

The Workaround:

Whenever your mouse stops responding, you should try what was suggested in the Workaround:


To "reset" the bug without rebooting the x server [the desktop] you can do the following:

alt-tab to a window (firefox is the one i usually use)
alt-space to bring up the window options menu (metacity)
select move (this binds the cursor to the center of the window)
use the arrow keys to move the window to another X session window[use the arrow keys to move the window to another screen]
move the mouse
the bug should now be gone

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