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ericf4 08-26-2011 09:19 PM

Ubuntu Unity desktop side menu/top menu gone.
Hello everyone, I'm brand new to Ubuntu Unity dual booted with Win7. I recently installed compiz and messed with some options regarding Desktop Cube and Desktop Wall, and then somehow the desktop no longer shows any menus/options. Only thing I see is the wallpaper and I can right click and open things that way but I dont have anything else and can't figure out how to bring back the menus.
I tried logging out by doing Ctrl - Alt - L and switching user and selecting the traditional version (assuming its gnome) no luck. Still just a background image.

In other words, its like the Launch menu is invisible.

Update: uninstalled compiz --still just a blank desktop with the wallpaper

I figured it out.
Right clicked desktop -- Create Launcher -- Name: 'Compiz' (without '') Command: /usr/bin/ccsm
Hit enter and open it up and put a checkmark on Ubuntu Unity Plugin. Cheers :P

EricTRA 08-29-2011 01:19 AM

Hello and Welcome to LinuxQuestions,

Glad you've found a solution and thanks for sharing it. Off the Zero Reply List.

Looking forward to your participation in the forums. Have fun with Linux.

Kind regards,


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