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thoyler 07-24-2005 03:23 PM

Ubuntu Live CD
Hello All:

I am new here, and just have a comment about the "Ubuntu" Live CD. I just burned the CD and am currently using the OS along with the "FireFox" browser to surf the web. I is working VERY WELL.

I have used "Redhat" in the past, and liked it ( about two years ago (8.?)), but have been using Win XP the last few years. There are a lot of Linux Distro's out lately so I thought I would try a Live CD. This is great!

I think I'll try the full version of "Ubuntu" and aslo the "Mandrake" looks interesting.

*** Any comments or suggestions would be Greatly Appreciated.


JediDB 07-24-2005 03:53 PM


I am completely new to Linux and i have the Ubuntu CDLive version and i love it.
I am currently playing with Mepis though the the GUI looks alot better but seems to be filled with alot of programs i dont need or will ever need.

Before i install a dist. to my system, im just burning Live versions and trying them all out :D

bp12345 07-24-2005 04:36 PM

Again, try many distributions and choose which you like the best. The most popular live CD/DVD is Knoppix. I like it, even though it can be a little harder than some others. I've also heard that the SUSE live DVD is good, but I haven't tried it. Maybe I will...

detpenguin 07-24-2005 04:42 PM

SLAX is also a great live-cd...i downloaded it last night, and i'm pretty impressed with it...definately worth a try.

one very cool thing is you can add programs to it, so you have exactly the live-cd you want...

EmpireOfLight 04-01-2007 10:54 AM

me too
Hey bro & sis...
i 'm new here (actually zero knowledge about linux )and very glad to join this...hope teach me oK.

sumguy231 04-01-2007 05:31 PM

I will preemptively say that using Red Hat Linux is no longer a good idea, since it's old and unsupported. A lot of new users make the mistake of installing old Red Hat 7 discs they find in discount books. The 'modern' equivalent of Red Hat is Fedora.

jay73 04-01-2007 07:15 PM

PCLInuxOS is a good choice too. It combines a Mepis-like GUI with Mandriva and it uses aptitude as a package manager. The great advantage is it comes with things like flash, java and mplayer pre-installed.

phantom_cyph 04-01-2007 07:17 PM

Red Hat unsupported? Lol-what/where have you been reading? Red Hat is the most largely used distribution in IT fields and therefore is very well kept up. However, Red Hat is not the thing to start with as far as Linux goes.

JediDB, also note that you can change the GUI's on any distro to a number of things. Just to mention the main ones, there are KDE, Gnome, and XCFE. Then you can also get window managers like Fluxbox for instance that when pooled with XCFE, make your computer run much faster. Just because they are not as bloated. But, if you want fat and shiny, go with KDE. There are alway alternatives in Linux for GUI's.

jay73 04-01-2007 07:23 PM

Correction: red hat is unsupported at this time; red hat was the line of Oses that existed before Fedora was first released. What you are referring to is Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), which is the commercial version of Fedora (or Fedora is the free version of RHEL, depends on how you look at it).

phantom_cyph 04-01-2007 07:29 PM

I was looking at Red Hat enterprise, sorry I did not make the distinction.

AceofSpades19 04-01-2007 09:04 PM

SLAX is an awesome live cd but its bad installed

sumguy231 04-01-2007 11:43 PM

Right, as said before I was referring to Red Hat Linux, not RHEL. And I doubt the OP wants RHEL.

AceofSpades19 04-02-2007 10:27 PM

for an newbie, I would stay with debian based distros, I have found that they are the easiest to learn

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