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LoONeYChIKuN 10-22-2004 12:30 AM

Ubuntu, Gnome, and KDE
At the moment I'm running Ubuntu 64Bit, with Gnome...It didn't come with KDE, but I want KDE :p.

Now, when I try to just do a apt-get install kde, it gives me a bunch of errors saying its not instalalble and blah blah blah :p. I have no idea why...But I'm probably just doing something wrong like I usually do.

So, just wondering if anyone had any tips for me or any good links to a tutorial or something (if a "how-to" already exisists, don't bother retyping everything :p)

Also, on a side note, I want to recompile my kernel, but keep getting pci.h not found, which is not a good thing :p.

Anyway, thanks for all your great help...I love this site :D

JSpired 10-23-2004 02:25 AM

You need to add "universal" to your list of sources and then it should be fine. I've added KDE this way without a problem.

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