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Thikr 09-01-2009 10:00 PM

Ubuntu Compiz-Fusion/Emerald Help
Well I have officially realized that Ubuntu is ugly. I got Compiz Fusion but while it is nice with the wobbles and stuff, it doesn't change the overall ugliness. How do I change text color/background color and stuff like that? Ideally, I want to change the buttons colors too (possibly each individual button, e.g. close is red, maximize is blue etc.) ALSO, I am having trouble getting a texture on the bottom of my desktop cube. I edited the picture in the cube's cap settings to something I like but I can't get it to apply to the bottom. I am assuming this is intertwined with emerald since the guide I read said to get both. Now I can't figure out how to actually WORK emerald.

ALSO, how do I get that cool fire to work? And is it possible to have a different texture on each of my desktops? THANKS a bunch everyone!

jstephens84 09-02-2009 03:20 PM

Look at emerald themes. Don't have a machine in front of me but I believe if you go to the emerald configuration you should be able to select a different theme.

Also have a look here for other themese.

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