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Typer0494 07-02-2007 06:28 PM

ubuntu breaks my raid 0
Ok so my setup is as follows. I have A windows install and a data partition (both of which are NTFS) that lie on a raid 0 controlled by an Nvidia motherboard. Everytime i boot ubuntu (fiesty fawn) its seems that when i reset the computer (only reset, if i completely power off then the stripe set appears fine) the stipe set is broken and only one of my sata disk is present when i try to boot into windows. Like i siad before if i completely power off then my nvidia raid config tool displays that the stripe set is healthy and windows boots fine.

When i try to access my raid by using dmraid -ay i get the following


berry@Linux:~$ sudo dmraid -ay
RAID set "nvidia_ccjcbffd" already active
ERROR: opening "/dev/.static/dev/mapper/nvidia_ccjcbffd"

I have NTFS tools installed, but when i go into /dev/mapper/ i only see the raid set as a whole "nvidia_ccjcbffd" and only one of my 1 of my 2 NTFS partitions "nvidia_ccjcbffd1."

Really not to sure to do from here! Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Quakeboy02 07-02-2007 07:51 PM

It sounds like a BIOS issue, and that reset isn't doing a complete reset of the NVIDIA controller. If there are no BIOS updates then I doubt there's much you can do. You might try joining the DMRAID mailing list and asking there. They are a very nice and helpful group. Google for the address. I don't have it anymore.

Typer0494 07-16-2007 12:45 PM

I updated the firmware on my MOBO but still get the same problem. Any other suggestions?

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