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Ramesh922 06-25-2009 12:22 PM

Ubuntu 9.04 USB bsnl broadband::Geforce 6200 problem
Ubuntu 9.04 :Huawei Quidway WA1003a :USB broadband

guys , i nd help connecting my BSNL broadband net

Router :Huawei Quidway WA1003a
Type : ADSL
Connection type with PC : USB Cable

i am using usb cable to connect to net in windows , i dont want to add extra pci card 4 eternet (dont have ethernet slot in MB|even though PCI ethernet card cost less)

with modem i got driver 4 usb but they didnt provide driver for LINUX
note : i searched forum most of the topic says use ethernet port/pci ethernet card ,


Problem 2 : Geforce 5200,xfx 6200 not supported by ALL linux

my System nvr support linux with display set to graphic card (AGP card)

linux installation freeze after clicking almost Install button (suse,open sus, ubuntu,fedora latest version)

only distro i able to run fine is MINT os

Alternate way i found to install linux is :

a) connect display to onboad graphic (intel 845g onboad graphic )
b) pop up linux cd install it

so : Y linux not accepting my graphic card xfx 6200,geforce 5200 , ati 9250 graphic card , always forced to switch to onboad Graphic`s to USE LINUX < WHICH IS very hard (switching to AGP graphic card 4 windows in bios nd connection cable to card nd switching it to onboad graphic when running Linux
if i tried to run linux in graphic card it freezes

My system config :
P4 2.8
zebronic mobo 845gv
xfx geforce 6200
1.5gb ram
450W power supply

80+160 gb hard disk pata
dvd drive

pls help me

I can post any infos wanted . currently i installed open suse , i have Dvd of open suse, ubuntu, suse 10.1 , So if u know how 2 solve problem in any of these linux pls post . i am newb to linix so little explanation is appreciated

TITiAN 06-25-2009 04:17 PM

I did a google search for 'linux "Huawei Quidway WA1003a"', it lead me to a puppy linux forum thread, which lead me to an LQ post: It seems the driver you need for connection with your ADSL device is called "eagle-usb". Please have a look at tuxtoti's post.

That's a wierd problem. Consider making a new thread, as unrelated problems should be separated [many people - like myself - can often only discuss on one issue at a time because they don't know everything]. I don't know what could be wrong here, except maybe a defect AGP interface which is ingnored by windows (the same prob with 3 GFX cards??). I've had bent contacts on a PCI interface once, and devices where unusable on both windows and linux; I managed to bend those back, but it was a hell of fuddling with needles and stuff...

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