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scales 08-13-2006 12:34 AM

two operating systems at once
i have always been interested in linux, and i find myself finding excuses to install it on my laptop. currently i have windows xp installed and it runs fine. i was thinking that maybe i would use ubuntu for a few technical apps. mathematica, matlab, open office, but i have a few questions.

First, i would dual boot. so if i use just over half of my 60 gig drive for windows, including pics, mp3s, documents, how much should i shrink for ubuntu? i only have 6 gigs of songs, and provided that i install an ntfs reader, i play or access many of my documents (for reading mostly, i know there there are ways to write that are pretty safe now, but i will wait it out a little more).

Second, could i have both running at the same time and perhaps switch back and fourth like i have seen the mac books do? that nice fancy rotate desktop? i think it would use xgl....

third, i have tried virtual pc, and it works alright for many things, but is not as fast as i would like, nor does it support larger resoultions, and also the sound card isnt great.

thoughts, ideas?

lord-fu 08-13-2006 12:40 AM

If you use 30g for ubuntu and 30 for xp thats fine, could be installed on alot less. Follow up on post below about ntfs support in ubuntu, I am not sure on that. VMare works nicely here for runnin multiple OS at the same time, great for testing new setups etc. Works great with my harware as well, but it does cost money.
Dual boot is not hard and there are many post on here related to that.
Good luck, and hope that helps some.

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