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LloydRice 06-16-2011 05:01 PM

Trying to use Motorola Surfboard modem via USB
As a newbie, LQ looks like a good place for info.
I will try to set up the Motorola modem with Debian (Squeeze) using USB. I would like to use Ethernet for a LAN separate from the Internet connection.


frieza 06-16-2011 05:20 PM

unfortunately that isn't really how that works, via usb the modem is just going to behave like a nic whereas via ethernet you need a nic, but either way the modem acts as either a router or a bridge and the eithernet port will be attached to the internet connection if it is plugged directly into the ethernet port.

imho if you want only one computer on the network to have access to the internet it would be better if you put 2 nics in that computer, one attached to the cable modem and the other attached to the LAN, configure separate addressing schemes and simply don't configure them to talk to each other, that way the machine can talk to both the internet and the lan but the lan can't talk to the internet, or you can be more selective of how the lan talks to the internet.

unfortunately we can't really help you without further details of what you expect as an end result.

LloydRice 06-17-2011 01:21 AM

Very interesting, frieza. I suspected something of that sort. I suppose a more realistic plan would be to have a router to make these decisions. Am I correct that a router could be configured so that it would effectively keep the LAN and the Internet access separate? I have seen a distinction between different kinds of routers - "configurable" or not, I think it was. The fancy kind are VERY expensive.

I have lots of computers laying around. I would not be against setting up a dedicated machine as a router - if that makes sense.

And finally - is this discussion still taking place in the "Newbie" thread? Should it be moved?


LloydRice 06-18-2011 07:11 AM

OK. I was thinking that what I wanted was to have Internet on the LAN, like a bridge or router, but that it would not be visible to other machines on the LAN. Now I'm thinking maybe the way to do this is to have two separate Ethernet ports in the Internet machine - one for Internet connected to the modem, one for the LAN. Then, if I understand correctly, other machines on the LAN would not be able to access Internet. Does that make sense?

frieza 06-18-2011 11:24 AM

it makes perfect sense, it helps to place the different interfaces on separate networks, the cards won't talk unless you explicitly configure them to.

LloydRice 06-19-2011 02:14 AM

OK. Good. Thanks frieza. I will now mark this thread as 'solved'. I'm sure I will be back when I try to plug in the new NIC.

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