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TobyCurtis 02-09-2007 01:02 PM

Trying to load censornet
I am trying to load censornet on an PC that has a windows xp os on it.
It boots from a CDROM correctly and loads what seems to be a Caldera Command line. What commands do I use to load censornet from the CDROM so that it will install?



AwesomeMachine 02-11-2007 04:40 AM

Censornet is a scaled down version of Debian Linux, with some custom features streamlining it as a web filtering distro. It requires a dedicated machine, with two network interface cards (NICs). You don't need to type anything at the boot prompt unless you have problems with the installation process. You just hit enter. But, you need to know this machine must be directly in line with the modem, and 'ALL' traffic must be routed through it. That means all traffic must plug into one NIC (off the firewall, or directly off the modem), and come out the other NIC to a router. The terminal nodes attach to the router. Although, censornet might have a built in router, in which case a switch will do.

I go into a little detail here, not to insult you, but because your question sounded naive. Pardon me if I stated an inventory of the obvious.

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