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Nitram 12-04-2007 08:14 AM

trying to install ubuntu x_86_64
I already have 32bit ubuntu 7.10 installed
But it turns out creative labs only released the X-FI drivers for 64bit linux operating systems. So I went ahead and downloaded the ubuntu x86_64 ISO. I boot from the cd and the regular options menu comes up, when I select run live from cd or install the kernel loads up
then this appears on the bottom of the screen

Kernel Alive
Kernel direct mapping 100000000 @ 800 d000

then after a few seconds on the top left this apears

Loading please wait...

after that both my screens go blank, and nothing happens

I did a search on the forums and I couldn't find anything
I also searched on the internet, couldn't find anything


When I say my screens go blank, I mean that they don't get any input anymore, as if the pc wasn't on

**EDIT again**

my processor is an AMD Athlon64 3200+ Venice

Nitram 12-04-2007 03:57 PM

just in case anybody is interested, the problem was the splash screen
once I got rid of the splash screen it fixed the issue

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