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juancha 01-24-2008 02:15 PM

trying to install Nano (Pico clone)

I'm a beginner but keen to learn as much as I can about running a Linux based web much so I'm renting out a VPS and trying to teach myself.

I'm trying to get used to working in a shell environment and would like to learn about installing software...and since I don't have Pico I'd like to install Nano from here

I've downloaded the .tar.gz package of files to my windows laptop ..........and I intend to upload to my vps using winscp.

My question is in what directory should I place the .tar.gz I've downloaded before running the commands to install as it says....


Download the nano source code, then:

tar zxvf nano-x.y.z.tar.gz
cd nano-x.y.z
make install

It's that simple. Use --prefix with configure to override the default installation directory of /usr/local.


thanks very much


H_TeXMeX_H 01-24-2008 02:21 PM

Well, just put it in your home folder. You won't need it after the install anyway, you can delete the tar.gz after that. Remember to run 'make install' as root (or with sudo) if you want to install it system wide.

b0uncer 01-24-2008 02:41 PM


Originally Posted by H_TeXMeX_H (Post 3033991)
You won't need it after the install anyway, you can delete the tar.gz after that.

That's right, but if you want to just remove it one day, you would like to have the package. Of course you can re-download it again, but it doesn't harm to store the package anyway..because the Makefile that comes along it should contain a target called "uninstall" so that when you run "make uninstall", it removes the files it copied to your system. It doesn't seem to exist in each source code project I face, but in most of those that use Makefiles. And it's not bullet-proof, but definitely easier than trying to manually guess where it put what files, and then remove those afterwards.

Of course most of the time you don't want to remove the package you installed, but sometimes you might. I would say don't remove the package before you've at least tried that the installed thing works.

SlowCoder 01-24-2008 03:17 PM

Have you tried installing it from the package manager for your distro? Nano's a popular program, and is probably included in the repos for your distro.

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