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adamsimpkin384 12-12-2005 10:54 AM

Trouble with my LCD monitor
Hello, before I start may I say I am a complete newbie to linux, but the I have my reasons for changing to open source, I have been a long time Windows user and like most people agree a lot of Microsofts software is ridiculously overpriced,
So the other week I decided to pick up a copy of a linux magazine which featured a copy of SUSE 10.0 OSS, When I got home I installed SUSE onto one of my computers, the installation was fine.
But when I rebooted to load up SUSE, just as it the OS is going to show some GUI my monitor displays the message 'MODE NOT SUPPORTED'. I have asked around about my problem but as I am new to linux I don't understand what anyone is talking about :P
I have had a number of replies to my question which are things like "edit the xorg.conf" which to be honest is aload of rubbish to me! I know I may be asking a lot but if someone could explain what I have to do to fix my problem in a few simple step by steps I would be very grateful. Thanks :)

rshaw 12-12-2005 11:10 AM

the xserver is not configured properly, thats why someone suggested editing xorg.conf. the easiest way is to hit the f2 key and enter linux 3 at grub screen (the screen that lets you choose suse, floppy, failsafe, etc)you will eventually get to a "linux login prompt. login as root and then enter 'sax2' . this will launch the program to reconfigure the xserver settings. you will need your monitor spec's, eg. the sync frequencies. find the monitor manual or google or post your make and model number and i'll find them if you can't.

adamsimpkin384 12-12-2005 11:12 AM

I tried using SaX2, but the monitor fails to work after about 5 seconds again.

adamsimpkin384 12-12-2005 12:45 PM

Are there any commands I can give to reconfigure the monitor through failsafe, without showing and GUI.

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