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daisymorrigan 02-24-2007 07:11 PM

Trouble with Automatix
I can't access automatix. I keep getting this mesage: Automatix will not run because of the repository GPG keys could not be downloaded and further operation might result in a breakage. Try again later.

In the Autoscritp dapper, it says 'connection refused'. I also can't get in to the automatix website from google. Is automatix down, or is it something I am doing?


puntjuh 02-24-2007 07:23 PM

You're correct, Automatix site is down. That's probably where the GPG error is coming from.

daisymorrigan 02-24-2007 07:23 PM

I tried adding automatix 2 from synaptic, and when I opened it it said that this version was for ubuntu 6.10 only! I have ubuntu 6.06! Can someone tell me what is going on?


daisymorrigan 02-24-2007 07:24 PM

Thanks Puntjuh! I was beginning to think I was crazy AND incompetent!


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