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ilikelinux55 04-11-2010 12:22 PM

Trouble Loading World Of Warcraft
I am really liking the Xubuntu Linux Distro, its made for gaming! But there is one small problem. I got WoW installed (via wine) but after the intro it hangs for a moment then I get the Xubuntu Login screen asking for my password. I put it in but then its like my whole workspace resets and I'm unable to get into the game! How would I go about fixing that? That never happened in Linux Mint! Its running much quicker in Xubuntu, I hope I can get this fixed!

Edit: Found out what what wrong, was using an ATI card...I guess Linux isn't officially supported by ATI anymore so u gotta us an older version of the Linux Kernel that supports it, or download something that other people have worked on, so I decided to go back to my onboard video for now, gonna see how fast it runs with Xubuntu be4 i take the plunge using unsupported drivers on that newer ATI card.

brucehinrichs 04-12-2010 01:10 PM

If you want linux for gaming, you might want to check out Sabayon gaming edition It's a live DVD, so you can burn it, boot to it, and check it out for a while without installing it.

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