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austinium 06-14-2008 07:32 AM

trouble importing mail and settings from Windows mail into Evolution
how do i import my account on Windows mail (its Outlook's successor on Vista) to Evolution?
I tried exporting it to thunderbird on windows fist and then importing it into evolution from thunderbird , but that didnt work!:
I have tried downloading the latest version of Mozilla Thunderbird, but it only had the single option "Do not import anything" selected at first startup.
i have exported all mail into a folder(on Win. Mail - File>export>messages>microsoft windows mail)
when i try tools>import>mail and select the folder i have exported all mail from windows mail into it says it couldn't find any mailboxes.


jomen 06-17-2008 03:30 AM

These 2 links should be good enough hints:
Thunderbird may not give you the option to import right from the start - but from a menu when it has been started it will.
I never used Outlook or the one you used - not even windows really - but recently helped someone to make the switch from windows to linux - it was a little easier maybe because he was already using thunderbird on windows.
You may have tried to import the wrong folder? Or did not actually export the mail? Check with an simple editor the file which should be the one with your exported mail...

austinium 06-20-2008 09:48 AM

its fixed, heres how :
-Export to Micrisoft Exchange from Windows mail(that got it into Outlook 03)
-Export in CSV(Windows) from Outlook 2003
-THen i imported the .CSV into Mozilla THunderbird for windows
-Now if u right click the inbox icon on the left panel on Moz. Tbird, and select copy path and navigate to the folder where the Inbox is stored u'll find a file named Inbox (no extensions).
I found it here:
C:/Users/UseName/AppData/Roaming/Thunderbird/Profiles/1svkyvpv.default/Mail/Local Folders/Outlook Mail.sbd/Local Folders.sbd/

-Reboot into Ubuntu paste the inbox file into /home/UserName/.evolution/mail/local/

I did try (on Evo.) File>Import>single file but it kept getting stuck probably 'coz the inbox(file in Moz. Tbird.) was above 1GB, so i manually copied and pasted the Inbox.

srry if it doesnt make too much sense, it worked for me, hope its of help to others.

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