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bookie 06-21-2007 06:29 PM

/tmp/disk-conf error on Debian
Having some problems on Debian Etch. I have two sata drives on my dell dimension computer.
Sda0 = Debian Etch
Sdb1 = Windows XP
I installed XP first and then Debian. Debian, of course, can see both hard drives despite windows using ntfs and vfat. Well, I installed a boot loader on windows for Debian, which gives me a choice of OS on start up.
On Debian via Desktop, Administration and then disks for the disk manager one can see the hard drives installed on the computer and the partitions.
My problem is that on starting disk manager I get several error codes for the partitions on the windows drive.
"Couldn't find /tmp/disk.conf sdb1,sdb5,sdb6, and sdb7: there is one error for each of the partitions on the windows hard drive.
I am sure it is a case of amending some file or other - but which one, I don't know. Is there anyone that has had similar problems?


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