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Zaphod42bbrx 04-17-2004 11:31 PM

Tiny Unreadable fonts in X
I'm attempting to do a test install of Mandrake 10 on my laptop (an old gateway solo 5150, PII 233, 128MB RAM, 10GB HD, neomagic 256av sound/video, etc). The install went without trouble, and booting was fine. But upon starting X (using KDE), all dialog boxes, text in editors, toolbars URL's etc are in a very small unreadable font. By this I mean text that is so small that it appears to be a thin line on a button. Opening up a c file in a editor produces similar effects (the of structures in c are evident but the text is just seen as a thin line).
All console application are fine, and webpages appear normal.

Trevor Stewart

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