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dsheller 01-24-2004 09:41 PM

Time setting back 5 hours
Sorry to make a new thread while I have a question out still but:
I boot into KDE and set the time to the correct time, but when I reboot the time is set by 5 hours, no matter what I set the time to!

DrOzz 01-24-2004 10:02 PM

go into your BIOS and see if the time that is incorrect is the time that is set in the BIOS.... if so correct it in there ...

dsheller 01-24-2004 10:14 PM

Hmmm... BIOS is correct!

However, I *think* I might know the reason it is doing this, earlier. I issued the command "date -u" which must've set something about UTC time, and seeing as my time is being set back 5 hours, and I am 5 hours offset of UTC, this is a very interesting correlation.

DrOzz 01-24-2004 10:18 PM

so what your saying is that you don't have your time set to your hardware clock ?
anyways check this link as i think you will be able to come to a resolvement with this info ..

dsheller 01-24-2004 10:33 PM

Thanks. That link gave all the info I needed, turns out that BIOS stores UTC, didnt know that, and I was setting it at EST, now only if I someone as helpful as you would answer the other question I had and id be all set!

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