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msbstar 01-30-2010 02:17 AM

There is no "menu.lst" in my Ubuntu "/boot/grub/" folder.
Hi All,

I have a problem with my GRUB bootloader. I have Ubuntu 9.10
and Win XP installed on my laptop. But only the list of Ubuntu
appears in the menu and NOT win XP.

Some instructions say try to edit the "menu.lst" file in
"/boot/grub/" menu.

But there is no such a file in my /boot/grub/" folder.

What should I do now?

With best regards,

r3sistance 01-30-2010 02:19 AM

you could do an ls /boot/grub/ and post the results here but I am guessing the like canditate file to be editted in it's place will be /boot/grub/grub.conf the two files are often very similar or identical and perform similar tasks.

msbstar 01-30-2010 02:31 AM

Hi Again,

There is neither "menu.lst" nor "grub.conf" in my
whole ubuntu drive.

I did nothing on my Ubuntu.
I just turned it on in the morning and I saw there is
no menu to select Ubuntu or Win XP.

Thanks Anyway.

r3sistance 01-30-2010 02:35 AM


Do you mind doing an "ls /boot/" and pasting the results here, also if it exists, "ls /boot/grub", it sounds like you have done something to your grub bootloader in a strange way. Can I also confirm you are using grub and lilo.

msbstar 01-30-2010 02:52 AM

I will paste it now, thanks and wait.

Yes you are right that it seems I did sth to my Ubuntu.

I followed this instruction several times maby this removes it.
I do not know!!!

r3sistance 01-30-2010 02:59 AM

Just to check, how many HDDs do you have in your computer, if it's more then one it might be worth checking the output of the mount command, you could have installed grub to somewhere other then /boot (a strange idea I know, but could be possible)

msbstar 01-30-2010 03:05 AM


No I have only one hard drive in my laptop.
Windows is in 1st partition and Ubuntu in 2nd.

These are the result of those two command you said:
root@pc-laptop:/boot/grub# ls /boot/
abi-2.6.31-14-generic-pae memtest86+.bin
grub vmcoreinfo-2.6.31-14-generic-pae
initrd.img-2.6.31-14-generic-pae vmlinuz-2.6.31-14-generic-pae

root@pc-laptop:/boot/grub# ls /boot/grub/
915resolution.mod efiemu.mod lvm.mod scsi.mod
acpi.mod elf.mod mdraid.mod search.mod
affs.mod ext2.mod memdisk.mod serial.mod
afs_be.mod extcmd.mod memrw.mod setjmp.mod
afs.mod fat.mod minicmd.mod sfs.mod
aout.mod font.mod minix.mod sh.mod
ata.mod fs_file.mod mmap.mod sleep.mod
ata_pthru.mod fshelp.mod moddep.lst tar.mod
at_keyboard.mod fs.lst msdospart.mod terminfo.mod
befs_be.mod fs_uuid.mod multiboot.mod test.mod
befs.mod gfxterm.mod normal.mod tga.mod
biosdisk.mod gptsync.mod ntfscomp.mod true.mod
bitmap.mod grub.cfg ntfs.mod udf.mod
blocklist.mod grubenv ohci.mod ufs1.mod
boot.img gzio.mod part_acorn.mod ufs2.mod
boot.mod halt.mod part_amiga.mod uhci.mod
bsd.mod handler.lst part_apple.mod unicode.pf2
bufio.mod handler.mod part_gpt.mod usb_keyboard.mod
cat.mod hdparm.mod partmap.lst usb.mod
cdboot.img hello.mod part_msdos.mod usbms.mod
chain.mod help.mod part_sun.mod usbtest.mod
cmp.mod hexdump.mod parttool.lst vbeinfo.mod
command.lst hfs.mod parttool.mod vbe.mod
configfile.mod hfsplus.mod password.mod vbetest.mod
cpio.mod iso9660.mod pci.mod vga.mod
cpuid.mod jfs.mod play.mod vga_text.mod
crc.mod jpeg.mod png.mod video_fb.mod
datehook.mod kernel.img probe.mod video.mod
date.mod keystatus.mod pxeboot.img videotest.mod
datetime.mod linux16.mod pxecmd.mod xfs.mod linux.mod pxe.mod xnu.mod
diskboot.img lnxboot.img raid5rec.mod xnu_uuid.mod
dm_nv.mod loadenv.mod raid6rec.mod zfsinfo.mod
drivemap.mod loopback.mod raid.mod zfs.mod
echo.mod lsmmap.mod read.mod
efiemu32.o ls.mod reboot.mod
efiemu64.o lspci.mod reiserfs.mod

Thanks in advance.

r3sistance 01-30-2010 03:20 AM

The only file I can see in there that might be connected is grub.cfg but for now I think we need to figure out where grub is actually check for stage 2... it could be somewhere else.

Could you do a df, mount and can you remember the hard drive and partition you did your most recent grub-install too?

another thought...

sudo find / -name "*stage2"

msbstar 01-30-2010 03:26 AM

What does this mean "Could you do a df, mount"?

The partition of my Ubuntu is "sda6" and I followed
the above mentioned instruction applying on this partition.

Is it possible to create these two files (menu.lst and grub.conf)
by hand.

EricTRA 01-30-2010 03:28 AM


Ubuntu 9.10 comes with GRUB2 which doesn't use the menu.lst anymore but the grub.cfg instead.

Read on how to configure/use/install/setup GRUB2 in this tutorial.

Kind regards,


msbstar 01-30-2010 03:32 AM

Dear EricTRA,

I would like to thank you for your previous comments and helps.

Would it be possible for you to tell me from which part I should
start in this case that I only see Ubuntu in my boot list not Win XP
although I have XP installed on my laptop.

Best regards,

EricTRA 01-30-2010 03:43 AM


Start out at the section Dual boot: two operating systems with GRUB 2. Find out the exact partition where your Windows is installed on with:

sudo fdisk -l
Next edit the grub.cfg file and update grub.

Kind regards,


msbstar 01-30-2010 03:57 AM

Dear EricTRA,

My windows XP is installed on "sda1".

But what do you mean by "edit the grub.cfg file and update grub."
I know where the "grub.cfg" file is, but what should I write on it?
How can I do that. In that section you mention I could not see
how to edit and what to edit.

Sorry for being so elementary.

(Oh, My professor is calling me. I will come back in half an hour, sorry for inconvenience).

With best regards,

EricTRA 01-30-2010 04:21 AM


Can you post the output of this:

ls /etc/grub.d
Kind regards,


msbstar 01-30-2010 05:07 AM

Hi EricTRA,

Sorry for my delay.

This is the result of "ls /etc/grub.d":

root@pc-laptop:/home/pc# ls /etc/grub.d
00_header 10_linux 30_os-prober README
05_debian_theme 20_memtest86+ 40_custom


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