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bowlesling 03-19-2010 09:59 PM

TeXLive-2009 and Fedora 12
Does anybody know why the upgrade/install of TeXLive on Fedora12 does not create the directory


I have seen this directory mentioned for other 2009s, but when I installed 2009 it did not create this. (Or, maybe there was some problem... ?) It is only slightly relevant because (sudo) texhash does not include any /usr/local directories in 2009, only /usr/share.

In my 2007 version I had the usual /usr/local/share/texmf/tex structure in which I place /latex and a /bibtex. I had read/write access and so I placed all my .sty and .bib files, as well as image files and other stuff I shared between projects. Now, I have a ~/texmf with /tex and /bibtex and have gotten rid of /latex subdirectory. Now I don't have to texhash when I add new stuff.

Other than this, is there any reason why Fedora TeXLive-2009 would not create /usr/local/texlive ? (Unless this is because, as the wiki page notes , "it is in testing state so bugs could occur."

Tinkster 03-20-2010 05:10 PM

Hi, welcome to LQ!

Because rpm-based distros pretty much NEVER make use of
/usr/local for system wide installs.



for i in $(rpm -qa | grep texlive); do rpm -qf $i;done
to see where the files ended up.


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