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chris318 02-24-2005 03:43 PM

Terminal Questions? "cat /dev/tty1" Why Not?
How come I can echo a tty device by doing "echo hello > /dev/tty1", but I can't cat a tty device? If I try to do a "cat /dev/tty1" in tty2 for example I don't see the output of tty1. I'm doing this as root by the way.

Lets say I log into X from tty1 using startx. I then go into an X session. Now I go to tty2 and type startx -- :1 and start anothr X session. alt F7 and alt F8 are my X session. What is the equivalent tty devices created on F7 and F8?

Now while I'm in X I start up xterm. The device now is /dev/pts/1. What type of terminal is this and what relation does it have to the requaler tty's?

While I'm in xterm I would like to see the logging output of X and the window manager going to tty1. How come "cat /dev/tty1" doesn't give the desired results? How can I redirct all output going to tty1 to /dev/pts/1?

eduardomsilva 02-24-2005 06:54 PM


Try "cat < /dev/tty1" and "dev/pts/1</dev/tty1"

It should work!!

See you!


chris318 02-24-2005 07:08 PM

??? huh

cat /dev/tty1 and cat < /dev/tty1 are the same thing dude.

The first one say cat tty1 and the second says the input to cat is tty1. Identical?


Then do, cat File1 ...

Then do, cat < File1 ...

Same thing bro.

Anyway, cat < /dev/tty1 doesn't do anything either.

chris318 02-24-2005 10:59 PM

Wow I gues my question is to advanced for you linux guru's. Nobody has any ideas on how to cat or tail or head or tee a tty device and see it's output in a different terminal?

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