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saravanan1987 01-09-2016 10:11 PM

TCP socket states after kernel soft reboot
Hi All,
In linux, we are running an application which creates a socket on some random port(55572).

After few kernel soft reboots we got a bind error on socket creation of an application(address already in use) and the application fails to start.

We are trying the understand the possible reasons for bind failure.

Whether TCP socket states will be persisted after kernel reboots? It does not make sense. But I am trying to understand the reason.
Also we have used sockereuseaddr in socket option.

Any suggestions/ideas are truly appreciated

af7567 01-09-2016 11:54 PM

When you say the port is random, is it really random or is it always 55572? If the port number is randomly generated then it could be trying to use the same port as another service.

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