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JJV 11-06-2007 01:47 AM

Tar Problems Some help please
Hi all

I hate to ask this because i think i am going to kick myself

So here goes I am working on a backup script and would like to be able to
extract a file and files with out the folders

so lets say a tar was made of /home/johnny/test/work how can i extract
this tar and NOT get (/home/johnny/test/work) but just the files in work.

every time i extract a file I get the tree structure also and I dont want that I just want the file's

I made a test, made two folders called it /test1 and /test2

in test1 I made 3 files test.txt test1.txt test2.txt I then made a tar with

tar -cvf /home/johnny/test2/test.tar /home/johnny/test1/ because I want the tar saved in test2

then I extract it back to test1 with tar -C /home/johnny/test1 -xvf /home/johnny/test2/test.tar witch works fine but it also makes the hole
(/home/johnny/test1) witch I dont want.

If someone can figure this out I would appreciated it very much

On a different note to everybody that is involved with Linux making,building,compiling, artists Mr Linus Torvalds for the kernel
and all of you people answering my petty questions

THANK YOU I TRULY MEAN IT THANK YOU ALL !! Linux is totally Amazing, build by you and me, Amazing !!! Have a blast of a day

Disillusionist 11-06-2007 02:20 AM

Not sure it's what your after but..
On an individual file level, you could use -O:

tar -xvf /home/johnny/test2/test.tar /home/jonny/test1/test.txt -O > /home/jonny/test2/test.txt
This extracts the file test.txt passes it to standard output which we are redirecting to /home/jonny/test2/test.txt

This would only work for regular text files.

billymayday 11-06-2007 02:25 AM

If I'm reading correctly, does --strip-components work?

JJV 11-06-2007 02:44 AM

Strip works
Thank you

billymayday and Disillusionist for your ansers it does look like

tar -xf usr.tar (--strip=2 )usr/include/stdlib.h works

just a though what if the tree has 5 folders down would it be strip=5
and so on seems logic

Thank you anyway it did help my script a long


Disillusionist 11-06-2007 01:21 PM


Originally Posted by billymayday (Post 2949671)
If I'm reading correctly, does --strip-components work?

Interestingly it's not a documented option in Ubuntu.

It works and it's listed in the output from

tar --usage
but the option is not shown in the man page (it is shown in the man page for tar in Centos

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