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wet 11-03-2007 07:11 AM

system freeze after loading the ac.ko module
mmkay, im getting really tired of this

trying to set up acpi on my lappy, compiled it all (fan, battery, ac etc) as modules.

i seem to encounter some conflict between ndiswrapper and ac modules. if i load ndiswrapper and then the ac module (ac.ko) the system freezes INSTANTLY and there's not much i can do

if i load ac first, and then ndiswrapper, the system freezes after 3~ seconds

i've never ever had these problems, they popped up when i upgraded to 2.6.21, i instantly started getting IRQ conflicts (ndiswrapper here again) and now im running slack with 'noirqdebug' as a boot option.

ive no idea what's wrong, it would be fantastic if you could help me, but if not at least PLEASE tell me where/who should i direct this question to.

ps. slack 12, custom 2.6.21, toshiba M70-CL3 (quite a rare model actually - celeron & atheros wlan and not the standard m70 pentium + ipw)
thanks yet again,

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