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vdogvictor 04-17-2004 06:55 PM

Switch default window manager?
I am using TurboLinux workstation 6.0...i know it really isn't that great...but its all i have right now....Okay here goes
I have both KDE and GNOME forced me to install GNOME which i do not like to be forced to do anything...anyways how do you switch teh default window manager to KDE? I think i need to do this from the command line because i see absolutely no way to do it in the workstation...

Sathington 04-17-2004 07:00 PM

never used that distro, but try running xwmconfig from the command line.
thats how its done in slackware anyways.


souljah 04-17-2004 08:10 PM

man Xsession

Read that and you and personalize your default window manager. Voila.

Soulful93 04-17-2004 10:03 PM

I'm not familar with TurboLinux but I know switchdesk (insert kde or GNOME here without parenthisis) works on certain distrobutions.

vdogvictor 04-18-2004 09:07 PM

xwmconfig worked fine but only for do i switch the default for all users? is there a way to start x with out starting a window manager?

souljah 04-18-2004 10:29 PM

remove your window manager, it will boot to console. After logging in, you will type 'startx'. thus you would have x without a windowmanger.

vdogvictor 04-18-2004 10:46 PM

okay...but the entire point is to start the non default window why would i delete it?

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