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gerryd 11-16-2009 03:32 AM

suspend issue
i have a gateway mx6030, and a dual boot system set up with win7 and slackware13. i went with the kde desktop. it has a sleep option(and suspend to RAM, but it seems to be mostly the same thing) my laptop is definitely capable of sleep mode. the issue is that when i wake up my laptop the mouse pad stops working, until i restart the system.
i figure whatever script or config file handling the hardware wakeup is skipping over the track pad. anyone know where i can find these files? or, if i'm completely off, what the problem actually is?
any help would be awesome, thanks.

evo2 11-16-2009 03:36 AM

You may need to remove the module from the kernel before suspending and then reinsert it after resuming.
Perhaps others on the forum could suggest which module that would be :-)

You could start by trying psmouse

modprobe -r psmouse


modprobe psmouse

gerryd 11-16-2009 03:44 AM

not too complicated. any ideas on a way to automate this? maybe a pair of scripts containing those commands set to run on suspend and resume? getting to the command prompt gets a little tricky without the mouse.
i'll boot into slack, try those commands, and let you know how i goes.

just finish trying the modprobe -r/moprobe solution. no go, it still has the same behavior.

evo2 11-16-2009 03:58 AM

I have problems with the usb sub system on my notebook, so I hibernate it with the following script:


sudo modprobe -r ohci_hcd && sudo modprobe -r ehci_hcd && sudo s2disk \
&& sudo modprobe ohci_hcd && sudo modprobe ehci_hcd

No need to explicitly run anything on resume, because the script picks up from where it left off.

Note, that I suspend to disk not ram. Suspending to ram works... but resuming does not ;-)



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