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maxsanders 02-04-2006 09:22 AM

Suse10 configures wireless but not hard wired
Newbie having a great time learning Linux. I am using Bellsouth DSL with their Westell modem set to DHCP..Using DLink router DL624..Suse configures one system with dlink g wireless and internet works great. Couple of other systems with 10/100 Ethernet cards appear to configure by Suse but cant connect to internet. I manually check eth(0) DHCP...looks right to a newbie. What am I overlooking? Thanks!

Emmanuel_uk 02-06-2006 07:05 AM

Difficult to say

Possibly the firewall
More likely the module for the ethernet card is not loaded
(but if you say dhcp is ok, then maybe something else is going on)
Have you tried connecting to the net as root?
try as root to ping
then try as root some IP.address (
This sometimes can help to see if you have a DNS resolution problem

What does ifconfig returns?
If it does not say eth0 then your card is not recognised
Model of ethernet card? (we are talking RJ45 plugs, are we not?)

Model of the router or direct connection to eternet for the 10/100s?

Am no expert so you will have to rely on providing more info
and getting more help than just mine

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