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Yardhill 02-05-2005 07:10 AM

Suse/Yast PC frozen during repartioning - what to do?
I'm a real beginner to this stuff. I'm installing suse 9.1 on a 4+ year compaq that was running Windows ME. The install CD has installed before on another PC. Last night (10 hours ago) I set it off install on this Compaq.

I left all default and suggested options. It's going to repartion my HD1 to split the 70Gb drive with Windows using approx 20Gb to an approx 40:30 split.

All started good. Yast is repartioning. Seemed to pause at 40% progress bar but file names or directories still scrolling up. So I went to bed. 10 hours later. Still on 40%, no scrolling names, no HD activity light, CD activity light perminantly on, clock icon still 'rotating', jerky movement of mouse pointer with about 5 seconds delay. No response to attempts to click on abort or accept buttons, can't eject Cd, no response to Crlt-alt-del (is that a windows thing?).

Help please - I don't really know what repartioning is, but I'd hate to lose my windows stuff if I powered off this computer. I can leave it on for days but I don't think anything good is happening.


ganja_guru 02-05-2005 08:17 PM

well since its stuck i dont think leaving the cd in the drive when its in a frozen state is going to help...the best you can do is download the knoppix or simply mepis LIVE cd and boot thru should let you access your windows partitions and survey the damage done..

on a related note, i prefer partition magic 8, but unfortunately that runs only on win : (

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