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asxtc 08-31-2003 03:08 PM

SuSe (Wont) Boot problem
Hi, :Pengy: Guys. I am the newest almost (cant quite seem to...) Linux convert with an old copy of SuSe 8.0 pro I picked up sumwere. Thought IŽd pop the little beggar on me Tosh Satallite 5100-503 and bugger me if it didnt work first time...(and the laptop was already a dual XP home/XP Pro boot)....All the priority functions (screen+basic driver/USB mouse/sound(Yamaha ac97)/network card) kicked in straight away.....Im impressed with the simple (albeit luggish) SuSe auto loader. OK I admit it....I havent got a clue....BUT....I did manage to download the NVidia 3D package and "install" it Now this is where you guys come in....told to reboot and the boot sequence halts :cry: when it recognises the sound card as an Intel-Blah!!! (Ive read the ID in another post somewhere) and says (until my coffee has goes cold) "Restarting old configuration of sound card" or sumat similar.
Wait for it.....I aint made no rescue disk but I have read the F manual:study: I also have no :scratch: idea about changing :Pengy: config files and the gone through this proccess 4 times now

asxtc 08-31-2003 03:11 PM

Ive got manuals / websites / online help....on HOWTO does anyone have url/doc on fault finding / problem solving or HOWNOTTO


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