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LordAnubis 03-28-2004 12:16 AM

SuSE Live-evaluation
I'm a TOTAL newbie to this linux stuff...i have a 466mhz intel celeron with 64mb ram and a 30gig HDD...i was wondering if SuSE (which is what my friends told me to download because its easy to use apparently) will run on my machine ? i am also currently downloading the Live-Evaluation of SuSE 9.0...i was wondering if that will install anything to my drive...more importantly will it install anything that will conflict with my current windows 98 settings ?

THankyou, any help is appreciated...


sterrenkijker 03-28-2004 06:23 AM

SuSE will run unless you have very uncommon hardware. Don't know if the 466 MHz is fast enough. I tried installing red hat 6 (an comparable OS, but an older version) on a 233 MHz system with 32 MB RAM, and that worked too slow.

Don't know anything about a life-evaluation.

You can install linux on partitions next to you windows-partition(s). You can boot windows and linux with your linux-bootloader after installing.

XavierP 03-28-2004 06:54 AM

Live-evaluation cds run entirely from the cd, nothing (aprt from maybe some small config files) gets installed to your hard drive, reboot, remove the cd and your system is back to the way it was. Note: because you are constantly accessing the cd, it will appear to be quite slow. Other live cds are Knoppix, Gnoppix and Slax.

The hardware requirements are here:

I think that full SuSE will run/load but will be slow. If you are just finding out about Linux, it should be fine (it's aimed at new users) but it won't be fast. If you need a fully useable system which is quick (and you either aren't afraid of manual configuration or have help) I'd suggest Slackware - it's light and fast. has many reviews of hundreds (I think) of sytems, we have our own review section her (see buttons at the top of the page) and go to for your download needs.

Welcome to LQ :D

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