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linuxqrus 12-27-2001 07:57 PM

SUSE Linux 7.1 partition - Windows ME on laptop with Sis 630 chipset
I just started off using suse linux suse 7.1 personal.
I really need help because I am trying to partition my hard drive to use windows me and linux 7.1 on a laptop computer.

All seemed to go well until I am at the stage of choosing the type of screen.. It seems that linux does not support my graphic card Sis 630/730. Can anyone help me please after this the screen just goes blank starts over and I get grey and black line ..

I know its possible becasue I did before on another laptop but it had a toshiba monitor..

Would appreciate all the help I can get.

mjrich 12-27-2001 11:25 PM

Hi linuxqrus,

Just a thought: have you had a look at the XF86Config archive at ? I don't know whether you're running v.3 or v.4, but there's one config file for a Sis 630 there ( with a device listing of

Section "Device"
Identifier "SiS"
VendorName "SiS"
BoardName "SiS 630 rev 16"
Chipset "sis630"
VideoRam 4096
Option "hw_cursor"
Option "fast_vram"
Option "pci_burst_on"

- anyway, it may be worth trying the config file, and seeing what happens. Oh, one problem I had with my laptop, was that the BIOS settings were set to auto-detect the screen type, which I had to experiment with a bit to get it to work :)

Best of luck though - I know laptops can be a bit of fun trying to set up.


linuxqrus 12-29-2001 06:18 PM

problem is m y laptop is one custom made by a company called netlux all its parts are different. I installed the same linux on my previous laptop which was also a netlux but the maker of monitor was hayundai which was on the listing of the linux displays.

I dont even know how to start ..

mjrich 12-29-2001 07:46 PM

First thing I'd do, is get the config file from above ( and place it in /etc/X11/XF86Config-4. (Make a backup of your old one first perhaps). Then, type startx and see what happens. If this gives something vaguely useful (ie you can see something, but it's doubled up or too big), then either open up the file and change the sync rates manually, save and retry, or run (as root) xf86config.

After selecting the appropriate keyboard & mouse, try all of the available options with hsync between 31.5 - 57.0 kHz (at a guess), a low-ish vsync (say 50-70 Hz), and the Sis630 video card. It will probably save the file to /etc/X11/XF86config, which you will need to rename "XF86Config-4" (assuming you're using XFree86 version 4.x).

If you have a screen type toggle on your keyboard (mine is Fn-F5) then try pressing that a couple of times as X is attempting to run. This should switch between the available Bios options, which you can go back and change properly later, once all is up and running. Also, have a look at the man page (man XF86Config-4) - there's some useful stuff there. Finally, have a look at the log file (should be in /var/log/XFree86.0.log) - this may give some hints as to what's going wrong.

Anyway, I'm off down south climbing & tramping for three weeks so won't be back on this board for a while, but good luck with it all :)


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