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iain.ross 08-25-2004 03:37 AM

SuSE 9.1+ intel i810 gfx + no runlevel 5!
I know that the onboard intel i810 graphics are not very good, but thats all this particular machine has. I want to install SuSE 9.1 personal on it, and it will install, but I cannot get runlevel 5 so no kde/gnome interface...

The installer ran in runlevel 3 which worried me, and then upon completion, the box only boots to a command prompt login. If I try kde or startx, I get a fatal error, complaning about no screens found.

I tried YAST for latest 810 drivers, but that made no difference. The strange thing also is that my monitor is not found either. The same monitor on an athlon/nvidia based system is detected with no problems. Whats even weirder is that SuSE askes to configure the monitor manually, and this configureation is done in runlevel 5!!!

Please help

intel 810 based motheboard, onboard sound and gfx
40gb HD
256Mb RAM
Intel socket 370 P3 800Mhz CPU
HP Pavilion 19" flat panel TFT

Mega Man X 08-25-2004 03:50 AM

Hi iain.ross!

Boot SuSE as usual. When you reach the prompt, login as root and run "sax2" (without the quotes). That will help you to configure you X (monitor, graphics card and mouse, besides other stuff). SuSE is a nice distro, but I've found the hardware detection pretty buggy... but everything can be fixed afterward I guess :)

Hope that helps!

Thoreau 08-25-2004 03:53 AM

You might want to try this:*&submit=Go%21

I'd like to help, but I'm using, and the config is a bit different on yast- since there is none.

iain.ross 08-25-2004 07:28 AM

Thanks for the replies, I will try it when I get home and post back.

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