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snakedriver 01-31-2004 09:10 AM

suse 9.0/open office/
I have a dependency error in open office with I initially told yast to ignore it and had no problems with open office, but I havn't used it that much. Now that I am getting the feel of linux, I thought I would go back and fix it.
I could not get yast to find the file. Went on the web and found the file & its setting on my desktop. I can't get yast to do anything with it -- I guess because its not an rpm. Some on the web say to install JRE. Suse has a page that says ver 1.4.2 fo 9.0 but when I go to download page its 1.3.x.
How do I stick this file in its proper location.

bmschkerke 03-05-2004 09:54 PM is included with the JRE, or Java Runtime Engine. You can grab a JRE from either or

The reason your system isn't recognizing the file is because the dependencies on your system are actually tracked through the RPM database. If you didn't install the file using an RPM then it doesn't know the file exists. That's why each RPM has a "provides" and "requires" section.

If you find an RPM that "provides" then the error will go away permanently.

I hope that helps. If I'm wrong someone will correct me I'm sure. :)


snakedriver 03-06-2004 07:20 AM

Evidently the D/L,free version of Suse doesn't provide Java and Java is propriatary -- even though it can be obtained free @ Anyway, I D/Ld java rpm & installed with yast & problem went away.

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