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csalazarv 11-30-2003 10:32 AM

SUSE 9.0 in athlon xp
Hi Guys

I am pretty new to linux, I have tried to use 3 distros by now and still trying but its getting to be a little frustating

Right now I can install suse 9 in both desktop and laptop, my laptop is a sony vaio nvr23 and works almost perfectly in windows

The problem is that when I install suse it gets REALLY slow, like 2-3 mins to launch a simple command prompt

I am wondering if its a problem of the kernel or some drivers problem, I have tried installing it normally, installing all the packages, installing it with ACPI disabled.......none of that made a difference

Has anyone experienced a similar problem ?

otis2003 11-30-2003 03:31 PM

SUSE 9.0 in athlon xp
How much RAM does your system have? Also, when you installed, did you tell YaST to auto config the partitions? How big is the swap partition? It should be roughtly 2 times the RAM.

csalazarv 11-30-2003 04:00 PM

It has 512 megs ddr, the swap partition is 1004 megs, I have the strong feeling its something in the distro because mandrake runs perfectly, it made the partitions automatically, using grub written to the MBR

I just want to make suse work since I actually paid for it but I am completely lost as to whats wrong , thanks for trying to help btw

I also have the very strong feeling that there is some severe overheating problem and that could cause the problems, in windows the computer runs much cooler, it could be that there is some problem with handling the cpu speed in suse or in the particular kernel?

otis2003 11-30-2003 05:07 PM

SUSE 9.0 in athlon xp
Overheating? Jeez ... that is a very strange one.

I would have to say, if Mandrake seems to work without problem, then stick with it. It's unfortunate that SuSE won't work though.

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