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chandrakumarhv 09-05-2008 01:04 AM

SUSE 11 USERS Problem
Hi I have installed Open Suse 11 and have a problem. As long as I work on my machine as root I dont have any problem.But If I try to login as User, my system Hangs.The only Option I get is to shutdown the machine. Can anybody explain how can I correct this ? What might be the problem ?
I get the desktop and for a minute it works, then the system hangs. But with Root I have no problem at all.

camorri 09-05-2008 10:01 AM

Open a console and run the command 'top' and see if you can figure out what is 'hanging your system'. It is probably some process that is not completing. I would also suggest you give it some time, at least 5 minutes, time it, to see if the problem goes away. I have seen configuration problems with IPv6 cause this type of problem.

Top will show you what is hogging the cpu, ram etc.

chandrakumarhv 09-07-2008 11:53 PM

I got the problem rectified. I reinstalled the SUSE 11 , but this time with ext3 file system. Now I dont have the problem.Earlier I had ReiserFS ,I dont know whether that might have created the problem.But EXT3 I dont have the problem , I can log in as user and work for hours with out any hangs.

Thanks for the help , from community and also my friend Vinay who said it may work well with ext3 .

camorri 09-08-2008 08:31 AM

I don't think reiser would cause that sort of problem. I have used it, and etx2 and ext3. All have worked well for me. Any way, glad the problem is resolved.

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