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Genves 08-15-2006 03:59 AM

Suse 10.1 and Benq FP91V
Hi Community,

Normaly i found most drivers. But in this case i failed.
Can anyone tell me, how to find a driver for a Benq FP91V LCD
Monitor driver? Or a driver for a similar Modell, that works properly?

Iīm a Linux Newbie and donīt want to chrash the xserver.
The System works now good an is not mine. I installed it before two

Can you help me?


PS: Sorry for my bad English

mikieboy 08-15-2006 04:35 AM

You won't need a driver for an LCD monitor as they all tend to adhere to the same standards. Certainly Benq work with Unix systems. You will need the correct driver for your graphics adaptor, then set the native resolution and refresh rate for that monitor in your X server configuration.

Genves 08-15-2006 05:02 AM

Thank You to tell me the right way to solve my Problem.:)

Unfortunately it is not the easyest way for me.:D

Thank you


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