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tendaas 09-15-2004 01:27 PM

samba question
Okay this is fun. It is probably a simple problam and I am too tired to know it. But here goes.

I was duel booting win2k and mandrake 10. No problem.
I became sick of windows though and decided that 60g hard rive would be better used as a storage space for linux. So I repartitioned it as ex3, mounted is as "stuff" and now it resides in /mnt/.

All is fine. Except that windows pcs on the network cannot see it. The share is set up just like every other samba share from my home drive which works perfectly, just this one partition will not.

Here is the thing though...all the other pcs can see the share, open the share, and browse the share.
The share has same permissions and users as other shares which work fine.

But with this one share when a user sees a file and tries to open it, copy it, etc etc, they get a message that the network resource no longer exists.

I know this isnt alot of deep info, but does anyone have any ideas?

tendaas 09-15-2004 03:41 PM

no ideas?

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