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cactus-bob 03-10-2004 04:58 PM

sudoers file
In trying to get a script to run as root we've added the users allowed in to the /etc/sudoers file. Does anyone know where and how to add the timeout_timestamp entry to allow a longer period of time between password entries?

lobo78 03-10-2004 06:39 PM

Try this:

At the top of your /etc/sudoers file (right before you user specifications) add in a line like this:

Defaults:<your username> timestamp_timeout=<how many minutes you want>

so, for example:

Defaults:jim timestamp_timeout=30

cactus-bob 03-11-2004 12:24 PM

Thanks that did it!! since there is only two of us that have access to this system we left out the user name and seems to work great. Thanks again

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