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xpucto 01-15-2007 06:45 AM

sudo rsync -uvrlpot doesn't copy some files
I make reguraly some backups on an USB-HD (fat32 because I also have things from windows).
I'v noticed that some files won't be copied when I do

sudo rsync -uvrlpot
there is no error messages. But when I give the command again then I copies the files again (only some files) even though it should only update files that I've been changed. When I looked on the USB-HD for those files, there aren't there! the directory is empty. I can retry as oft as I want: it says it copies but there is nothing to be seen. The files are normal files (pdf, doc etc..).

does anyone have an explanation for this?

xpucto 01-15-2007 06:56 AM

Actually there are error messages! I first didn't notice them because they are at the end!
rsync rename those files and seems to have trouble and says that it doesn't find the files again.
would it help me if I would format my USB-HD in ext3?
I guess the trouble is that fat32 doesn't accept some names, am I right?

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