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Leseta 08-15-2003 09:38 AM

Stupid no knowing parents
MY parents saw linux run on the computer the other day and did a full system restore on the computer.Now when you start the computer it runs Grub 0.9.1 can anyone help me or refer me to some place or someone that can help me get Windows XP back to main boot

jvds 08-15-2003 09:39 AM

Try booting off a DOS boot disk and run fdisk /mbr

Leseta 08-15-2003 09:47 AM

i dont know Dos very well how do i get it to do that?

Leseta 08-15-2003 09:50 AM

I know ho to make a boot disk, but i forgot all my command lines because i havent had to use Dos for about 6 years

trickykid 08-15-2003 10:03 AM


Originally posted by Leseta
I know ho to make a boot disk, but i forgot all my command lines because i havent had to use Dos for about 6 years
He gave the command, its:

fdisk /MBR

Leseta 08-15-2003 10:07 AM

I understand that but wich drive do i need to be in A:/ C:/ or D:/

Leseta 08-15-2003 10:17 AM

i ask because i type it i n and it tells me it is a Bad command

Leseta 08-15-2003 10:31 AM

ok nevermind is there anything else i can
do to remount WinXP as the main boot

Norrin 08-15-2003 10:53 AM

go to and download a Windows 98 SE boot disk. Run that program, and it will create a boot disk.

Put that disk in your broken computer, turn it on, and after it's all finished loading you should be at an A:> prompt. Type in exactly what the user above said: fdisk /mbr

I'm pretty sure the boot disk you are using came with the computer and is probably labeled "Microsoft Boot Disk". For some reason those boot disks don't include all the commands as the self-created ones.

Leseta 08-15-2003 11:13 AM

ok after i do the fdisk /mbr nothing shows
up is there something else i need to do ?
after i typed that in i ejected the disk
and restarted the computer and it said
Operating Devices not found on any devices. Please press any key to try again does that mean i have no operating system on thecomputer at all? im very confused

trickykid 08-15-2003 11:16 AM

Its not detecting an OS then. Most likely when you did a system restore, it might not have installed correctly. I would reinstall XP at this point most likely.

Leseta 08-15-2003 11:31 AM

ok i tryed to do a fll system restore and it told me there was a corruption in a partition would you like to fix. I clciked yes and it told me that it was fixed. I went on to do i systems restore on the computer and ot doesnt do anything but reboot the computer and eject the recovery cd. Whats wrong now

trickykid 08-15-2003 11:35 AM

Well, as I'm not familiar with your recovery type disk with whatever type of computer your using, appears to me it might not be installling the OS, just performing repairs. Might want to contact your manufacterer for assistance in using their recovery cd's.

MasterC 08-15-2003 11:48 AM

XP home or XP pro?

I don't know if it's different, but in XP pro you have the option to fix the MBR, instead of reinstalling the entire OS.


Leseta 08-15-2003 11:55 AM

ok thx i knew i was screwed it alway happens

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