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jeebas_13 05-30-2004 08:44 AM

Stuck with C++!
Just wanted to know if there was any general feelings within the LQ forums about what is the best C++ compiler, libaries and or IDE to use for someone that hasnt really done much C++ before? (only a bit of visualc++). Ive done quite a bit of Java, but i am still stuggling with the whole linux OS thing a bit, so if someone could please steer me in the right direction, that'd be really tops!

btw: with programming C++ on linux, whats the difference between gcc and something like borland C++ builderX?


melinda_sayang 05-30-2004 09:18 AM

gcc is compiler
builderX is IDE ( a frontend for compiler )
builderX in Linux use g++ as compiler .

zeropash 05-30-2004 09:36 AM

compiler g++
ide - kdevelop, anjuta , eclipse

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