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Guigo 09-21-2003 03:49 PM

Steps to Uninstall a Program
Hello guys,

I am new at Linux and I have a question for you...

I would like to know if the softwares that I installed in Linux come with an "Uninstall" (like softwares at Windows).

I know that I can uninstall RPM packetes with the command: rpm -e <packet_name>. But the question above is related with the software that I installed from source.

For instance:
I downloaded a compressed program and installed it with the following commands:

tar -xzvf <program_name.tgz>
make install

I used the program for sometime, but now I want to uninstall this program. Which are the right steps to uninstall a program (that I installed from source) at Linux??

Hope you have understood my question and I will be waiting for your help!!!


MasterC 09-21-2003 03:56 PM

Hi :)

There are a few resource here to help you get the answer to that question, first:

Linux Answers are great, check the buttons at the top right of your screen, there you should see the "Answers" button.

Next, the Search button, great tool.

Finally, I'll give you a 'quick and dirty' response to your question, then for more info, you'll want to search for something like "uninstall source".

When you install from source it copies the files to the locations necessary to execute the application. Some authors include a target to make uninstall:
make uninstall
And it may remove the application. However, if one was not included, you can read the Makefile and find where the programs got copied to, or for future installs from source you can use:
checkinstall ( which is a great tool for those installing from source.


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