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Alybyzrp 11-25-2003 01:38 PM

Static Bind Applications to Kernel; cross compilation

I am currently working with a Cypress SBC with the Intel SA1110 Linux chip in co-processor mode. I have been told that Cypress made the drivers and applications "statically bound into the kernel" rather than having them available as run-time loadable. My question is -- how can I add capabilities to this kernel? When I run make config, I can go through the standard set of questions regarding the kernel (ie, y/n to CONFIG_xxx), however, nowhere does it ask me to bind any code in. (And I would not know how to begin binding it if it did!) As an example, I turned CONFIG_AUTOFS on in the kernel, however when loading the image, I realized that the package was not installed. I can't install the package on the SBC due to the lack of a c compilier (I guess I need to cross-compile the autofs package from my windows xp host). However, once this cross compilation is complete, how would I statically bind this to the kernel to utlize it's functionality??

Also, in regards to the cross-compilation itself, Cypress includes the GNU tool suite for the task, however I can't seem to find a 'how to' in the manuals....they tell me what it is capable of, but not how to take (the autofs package for example) and prepare it for the ARM target.

Any and all help/suggestions would be appreciated. I have searched in google for these problems, as well as talked to Cypress support, who tells me to look to the Linux community, the author of the Cypress guide for this development kit (who tells me this is not a job for a linux newbie and I need experienced help), as well as the consultant who has worked with this line of Cypress products (who has never actually used this board and could not offer any guidance).


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