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CQ1ST 01-31-2006 10:15 PM

start apps fullscreen? >xfce
hi, i'm new to linux and playing with slax-popcorn.
i see alt-f2, taskbar-icon-properties, and term as boxes where i type the "launch program fullscreen" command but(google as i may), i can't find the [arguments/hooks/switches?] to use, so i thought i'd ask.
ok, the examples are:
firefox -(fullscreen?)
xffm4 -(fullscreen?)
xterm -(fullscreen?)
thunderbird -(fullscreen?)

i'm guessing that this is an "x" question, so please mention [IF] they work on other window managers, and if you know of a place i can find good (application) arguments in the future, hey even "the open-book format man-pages-online i found and lost again" would be great because i liked to ctrl-f through those, and found some cool stuff. k,


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