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gcomandini 01-25-2008 10:10 AM

start application automatically after login
Hi All,

I'd like my redhat linux computer to automatically run only one defined application after logging as a non-root user...have you got suggestions about this?

Thank you in advance for your replies!!


theNbomr 01-25-2008 10:36 AM

The whole notion of 'logging in' can be a bit fuzzy. You might be able to accomplish what you want simply by putting the name of the program you want users to run in the password file as the 'shell'. The typical default in Linux is '/bin/bash', but it can be almost anything. If the program requires X, you may have to add a wrapper of some sort to establish the correct $DISPLAY setting; possibly more.
--- rod.

Agrouf 01-25-2008 10:36 AM

after login where?
Do you mean login in bash?
if that is bash you are talking about, just put your application in .bash_profile
Or are you talking about loging in gdm?
If that is Gnome that you are using, then go to System->Settings->Sessions and in the add your application in the started programs tab.

bigrigdriver 01-25-2008 10:38 AM

In the Kde environment, you can drag the app icon from the main menu and drop in it ~/.kde/Autostart, and it will start when you log into the GUI. I beleive Gnome has something similar.

gcomandini 02-06-2008 02:33 AM

Hi all, sorry for my late reply. Thank you very much for your help, I've solved the situation in this way:
first i wanted my linux pc to run just one specific application after logging as a particular user in a bash shell.
So i modified /etc/inittab in section "run gettys in standard runlevels" and put as comment all lines except the first. Then i created in /home/manager (manager is the created user) a .xinitrc file with inside the path of a command that run the application. It all works fine.



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