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IndyGunFreak 02-20-2007 11:18 PM


Originally Posted by jrduffis
Thanks everyone for the help. I finally wiped a hard drive clean and installed Ubuntu 6.10 from a dvd source and I want to tell you that it was the smoothest installation I have ever done (about 150 installs of MS) after the up dates were installed I cannot find a single issue and love the hell out of linux so far. I tossed the windows xp drive in the bottom drawer and said good night. Thanks again


Just remember, if you get frustrated, don't give up. The answers are there, usually here, or in IRC chat(lot of smart folks there..), or in many cases, a Google search..

Use Synaptic to install X-chat Gnome...

Log in to the Freenode Server, and go to channel "#ubuntu", and don't forget to join the fun in "#ubuntu-offtopic"...


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