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jeasimkev 12-10-2003 05:25 PM

ssh connection
Hi all,

I try googling for this but didn't find any begin of answer. So please,
enlight me.

I wondered if it is possible to launch a job from a ssh connection (or any
other distant connection), disconnect and keep the job continue.

In other word, is it possible to disconnect before the job finish running, without killing this job ?

thx in advance,


jeasimkev 12-10-2003 05:36 PM

Really sorry.
Why do I always find what I want just after posting ?

Command nohup is what I was looking for.

mac_phil 12-10-2003 10:06 PM

'Screen' is a great command.

It allows you to have many processes doing what you've described. But you can 'bring them back' to *ANY* other SSH session all at once. You can look at their output and send them new commands.

It's like a window manager for the console which you can 'detach' from your login, then 'attach' to a future login. A screen session keeps running no matter WHAT. If your connection dies, it just detaches and runs. If there are zero users logged in, it runs.

It also allows you to switch 'windows' (shell sessions), in one console, in real time.

Here's a tutorial:

Screen revolutionized my use of the terminal. I only need ONE x-terminal or ssh login to do as many different things as I want.

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